The Escape

Cina is 14 years old and undocumented. His biggest dream is to go to a real school and have a normal life where he doesn’t have to worry about the authorities catching him. Therefore, when he is once again fired from his job, he decides to try to escape to Europe with his best friend.

In Tehran, the boys meet a smuggler who will help them get to Turkey where their new passports are waiting. They flee over the mountains, are almost caught in a police checkpoint and are forced to spend several days among the rocks. When they finally enter Turkey, it turns out that they have been tricked. The road to Europe becomes more difficult than they could have imagined.

“The Escape” is a gripping story of two boys’ struggle for a safe and free life. A story based on real events, about friendship, perseverance and courage.

This book in only available in Swedish at the moment.

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