Habits that boost creativity

Habits that boost creativity

If you want to write books, you can’t wait for inspiration. To get anywhere, you have to sit down and write, even on days when it feels like your writing sucks. I recommend creating habits that boost creativity.

Of course, inspiration can be a driving force. But in my experience, it’s when you sit down to write on a regular basis that the inspiration comes, not before. If I only wrote when I was inspired, I would never finish a rough draft. Many full-time writers treat writing as a regular job. They sit in front of the computer and write – every day.

7 habits that boost creativity

  • Set small achievable goals, like writing a little every day, week or month.
  • Join a writing group or go to a writing café regularly.
  • Read books on writing.
  • Write morning pages.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others – be grateful for your own achievements.
  • Go for a walk, without music in your ears, to clear your head.
  • Try writing in different places: at home, in a café, in a park.

My routines

For me, the morning is sacred. I start each day by meditating for ten minutes, then I put on my makeup, have a cup of coffee and sit down to write my morning pages. After that, the working day begins. At the time of writing this, there is still a pandemic, so I mostly work from home. I work full-time and write in my spare time, which is why this morning routine is so important to me. It ensures that I have energy left after work. I don’t write every d

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