Writing Rabbit Hole

Writing Rabbit Hole

An open letter to my loved ones – right now I am down the writing rabbit hole. This means that I spend much of my time writing or thinking about my writing projects.

When I’m down the writing rabbit hole, I become more withdrawn, don’t have the energy to socialize as much and all I want to do is to sit on my balcony and write. Thankfully, I have a very supportive partner who understands and respects my writing flow.

If I’m slow at responding to texts, or if I don’t want to hang out, it’s not because I don’t want to spend time with you – but rather because I want to take the opportunity to write now that I finally have time. This vacation has almost entirely been devoted to writing and I’ve come a long way on my current project.

Sometimes I think it is important that you take some time for yourself to follow your dreams. Now that I write every day, I feel like a writer. So forgive me if I’m unsocial and spend too much time with my characters. But I need to do that right now. I hope you understand and support me.

If you dream of writing books, I think it’s important to take the dream seriously. This means, for most of us, making time for writing. I know it can be difficult with a full-time job and other obligations, but here are some concrete tips on how to find time in your daily life:

  • Get up half an hour or an hour earlier and write in the morning.
  • Have a writing evening in the middle of the work week. (Tip: Join the writing club at skrivcafé.se.)
  • Write on weekends. Set aside a few hours for writing.

Feel free to comment on your best tips on how to find time for writing in everyday life.

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